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February 28, 2008, 7:22 pm
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For those of us from rural American (see my hometown), the significance of the number 22 is that it was the caliber of one’s first rifle. 

Abraham Piper now threatens to alter what I associate with the number.  He has founded a blog where each post, if I understand this correctly, will be no more than 22 words.  Only haikus are shorter.  Abraham describes his blog as:

“Exercises in getting to the point (or avoiding it) by saying what I have to say in twenty-two words, not counting titles.

Cogently, something of a theme for the blog, he explains why he chose 22.

So far as I can understand, Abraham’s choice in no way hearkens back to his first gun.

I wish I’d thought of it first.  But, then this post is already more than 22 words.

HT: Timmy Brister


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My first gun was a .12 gauge.

There’s no way I could handle a blog post with those constraints.

Next I got a .38, which is more manageable.

Rifle-wise, I got a 30-30, which I’ll opt for since that would give me 60 total words, though even that would be quite a feat.


What else would we expect from the state of Texas. Why buy a .22 (a glorified bb gun) when you shoulder a bazooka like 12 gauge?

Having said that – – up in Iowa I moved rather quickly from my 22, to a 410 and then to my dad’s Remington 1100 (a semi-automatic 12 gauge).

These days, I use a Browning Citori (over under 12 gauge).

I can’t even make a comment that is only 22 words long.

Comment by cdbrauns

I struggle with being a little wordy myself. By the way were are you located?


Comment by Yogi Taylor

Stillman Valley, IL — near Rockford, IL (which may also mean nothing to you) – – we are west of Chicago and south of Madison, WI.

Stillman Valley, IL

Comment by cdbrauns

Hey Chris
FYI – I am undertaking the Puritan Reading Challenge this year. I am, of course, almost a full book behind (I finished The Bruised Reed but have not gotten too far in the Mystery of Providence. I am hoping to catch up on Spring Break.
Give hugs to the family for me.

Comment by Laura

You see, Laura, this is what happens when you hang out with the right youth pastors . . . you eventually move from them to the Puritans. I will give hugs to my family.

Comment by cdbrauns

357, 358, whatever it takes.

Comment by Lance

I have confidence in you guys down in Texas. I don’t think they’ll ever take the Alamo a second time.

Comment by cdbrauns

Ahhh you texans, over here in Oz they took a lot of our guns.

My first gun was a .177 air rifle, and learn’t to shoot rabbits with it too. Then progressed to dads 12g Breda semi auto –

Had to hand in it and the Bently 12g pump which was a darn good gun. Had a few 22’s , stirling, rugar 10/22 synthetic stock stainless action – sold it 6 months before the buy back was announced and lost $1000k on it….

The 30/30 great rifle, 303 lee enfield, 6.5 *55 Swedish Mauser…now that was a sweet rifle. The 410 beaut for snakes and noisy crickets in the garden.

But I loved my 22, shot roo’s foxes, rabbits, cats, dogs, rats, did I say cats? Longs and shorts – the sub sonics were great.

Oops, oh…. sorry got off topic there, I think I would qualify for the 50mm Browning with this post

Comment by craig b

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