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The Effect of Technology
May 16, 2008, 8:37 am
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My daughter still assures me that she is on the only 8th grader on earth without a cell phone.  That being the case, we continue to dialogue about the idea of her having a cell phone.  And, we have had some great talks reflecting on how text message is not a neutral method of communication.  I have emphasized to her that we need to think carefully about how technology is affecting us.

Owen Strachan has written a post reflecting on how the technological drive may effect us.  Here is an excerpt.

More significantly, the technological drive seems to push us away from appreciation of what is permanent. Because our current interest is constantly shifting and transferring itself to whatever is new, and hot, and sleek, and better, we gradually lose our appreciation for permanent things. We come to esteem not that which is tried and true but that which is novel and new. Faced with the choice between the hot idea, the cool trend, and the permanent principle, we’re very much tempted by the technological drive to choose the former. This can have deleterious effects on one’s approach to life, broadly, and one’s theology, specifically.

Agree or disagree, it’s worth reading.  Click here for the whole thing.


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I agree with you about text messaging. It is a cold form of communication that does not tell you how the other person truly feels. We need to hear voice inflection, the joy of another person’s laughter at our joke and the like. It’s part of the human experience. Have I used it? Sure. Once in awhile when I need to tell my husband something and I know he is busy. Such as “pick up some bananas on your way home”. It doesn’t require a phone call interrupting his work day to make the request. For that the occasional text is a nice use of technology.

However the rule in our house is NO text messaging at all for the children. When the children were given cell phones it was laid out as a rule that was not up for discussion. There was simply to be NONE. If they sent any the phone would be taken away. My daughter asked once or twice if we’ll ever lift the ban because of course “my friends like texting”. The answer will continue to be the same, NO. We’ve explained that we do not like the idea of communication in this form for children. There is no way of knowing for sure who you are talking to. That is an area we’re just not comfortable with when it comes to our children. That among many other reasons.

We really don’t have any issues around here with this rule because it is NOT up for discussion. The children know this and respect it. As parents we like to think it is because they are respecting the rules. The truth is probably more like they like their phones too much to give them up! LOL

All joking aside they are good kids and do follow the rules out of respect. We are very blessed with fine children. πŸ™‚

In HIS Design~

Comment by fierybydesign

I am thankful that you are thinking through this as a family. We do not think cell phones are categorically wrong, of course. And, our kids will be allowed one at the right time. We just want to move carefully and thoughtfully and be aware how they do impact us.

Comment by Chris Brauns

Goodness I hope my post didn’t come across as judgmental. That was not my intent. I was just sharing how we handled this issue. See just what we were talking about technology interfering with good conversation…we need to hear voice inflection. If I offended please accept my apology. πŸ™‚

And yes I agree it is a decision that cannot be taken lightly. Bill and I talked a lot about the issue before it ever became a reality. It is a decision that has to be made family by family. In fact even child by child in a family. I admire your desire to be careful in this decision. That takes great strength of character.

Comment by fierybydesign

Oh no. Not all. I was worried that I may have came across that way.

Comment by Chris Brauns

Oh good! Whew! I just wasn’t sure by your response and wanted to apologize if it was necessary. I’m glad to hear it wasn’t.

Ahh I do love blogging but it’s so easy to take things the wrong way. That is a issue I don’t care for on the web. Thankfully we get to talk at church! LOL

Have a good weekend Pastor Chris and we’ll SEE you (and HEAR lol) Sunday morning!

Comment by fierybydesign

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