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IMPORTANT: MOVING DAY! (And, I need your help)
June 2, 2008, 12:30 am
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THIS BLOG IS RELOCATING TO www.chrisbrauns.com . . .

As of today, I am officially moving my blog to a new location: www.chrisbrauns.com.  There are a couple of ways you can help me make the move.

(1) Subscribe to the feed of my new blog in your feed reader.  If you are not using a reader, or don’t know what I mean by this, then go to this post.

(2) Link to me off your blog or web site.  It really does help & I appreciate those of you who have linked to this blog.

(3)Tell others about my blog.  Using the Internet is one way we have of creatively communicating with a large number of people.  Luke 16:8-9 has had a big effect on my ministry.  In that text, Jesus encouraged his followers to creatively and shrewdly leverage resources entrusted to them.  Unquestionably, the Internet has given us unprecedented opportunities to communicate with people.  It has never been so easy for me to point so many people to a wealth of resources.

(4) Comment.  It’s fun to know people are reading. 

(5) Check out my online store.  While it is true that Amazon rewards me if people order from this, I assure you that this will only help off-set my book spending a smidge.  What I think is truly important about this is that I have the opportunity to point people to a large number of quality books.  If you are looking for something to read, then go to my “rec reading” and review the different areas.  Notice in the upper right corner there are categories.  I will make changes in an ongoing way.

(6) Pre-Order My Book.  Let me say up front to my family, I am planning on giving each unit a copy, so you don’t need to complain in the comment section about being forced to buy a copy.  And, for our church family, Jamie and I plan to donate a number of copies to church — so, buy local.  Church will then get the funding.  Just to show you my heart is in the right place – – I am offering a discounted price and free shipping to those who pre-order. 


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