A Brick in the Valley

When You’re Neither Handy Nor Handsome . . .
May 25, 2008, 10:58 pm
Filed under: Stupid Stuff

When, like me, you’re neither handy nor handsome, then you must resort to getting fix-it tips off the Internet.  Right now, I have this exact problem at my house and I’m considering using this approach to fixing it.

In short: you can fix a stripped screw hole with a golf tee.  Read the details here.

If you are someone who is both handy and handsome (say Dan Houston), and you don’t think this is a good approach, then please tell me soon, before I actually try it.

Now, I’m serious about trying the golf tee thing.  But, while we’re on the subject of being both handy and handsome (again picture Houston), let’s have a do-it-yourself lesson from Red Green.



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Bill here: As long as the hole is in a stud or solid wood that will work. But if it is in drywall it won’t work. It’s gotta be something where the tee is not going to fall out of it.

Good idea though.

Comment by fierybydesign

Bill – – I love it! I’m glad you said it was you and not Miss Fiery. It is wood. I’m still debating. That is helpful input.

Comment by Chris Brauns

For the record… I think you are handsome… and I’m not just saying that, because we are related.

Comment by mdschuck

Chad here: I’m agreeing with Bill. It has to be in wood. A golf tee will be to big, no? I would just use toothpicks coated in wood glue to line the hole, however many you need. I have done this before. It worked well.
Additionally, because of the shape of toothpicks you won’t close your hole so you can get your screw started easier. Really, you’re just giving the threads something to bite into. You’re not filling the hole, you’re just making it smaller.
Make sure the glue is completely dry.

Comment by chaderin

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