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Google Calendar / The Red Brick Church / & Your Life
May 22, 2008, 8:10 pm
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Google Calendar is really slick – – you should think about using it.

If you are part of our church family, you can click here to see our church calendar.  We are stepping up attention to keeping this calendar current.  So, if you want to see, for instance, when we have one service this summer (Memorial Day weekend and the month of July), you should be able to check.

But, for anyone who is at their computer a lot, and especially if both you and your spouse use the computer, I would encourage you to consider keeping track of appointments on Google Calendar.  Here are some advantages we have found in my world.

  • It is web based.  So, Jamie my wife, or Jana our assistant at church, have access both to our church calendar, but also to my personal one.  Jamie puts a ball game for one of the kids on the calendar at home.  Jana and I see it instantly at church.  Likewise, if Jana schedules me to meet with someone.
  • I can share calendars with others.  In the case of our church web site, everyone can see our church calendar.  But, you don’t have to see my calendar so that you know when my kids have to be at a band concert.
  • It is free.
  • Google Calendar will now sync with your phone, p.d.a., or even your brain if it is connected directly to the Internet.  (There is still a problem with this because it will only sync with one calendar: I can’t sync both with my personal calendar and the church calendar.
  • You can schedule alerts.  So, if you need to be reminded of something at a particular time, it will send you an e-mail, or leap through cyber-space and pinch your arm to tell you.

One of the big challenges of church web sites is keeping them current.  But, with Google calendar embedded in our web site, we can instantly update what is going on.


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