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Blogging on T4G (Not)
April 18, 2008, 10:56 pm
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No need for me to blog on T4G given that Tim Challies’ has thoroughly done that already.  Visit his blog by clicking here.  

Watch a couple of the video clips if you get a chance including the one on books.  I brought home a stack of books the size of Mt. Carmel and was able to tell my wife that I did not purchase a single volume at the conference.


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Jealousy here.

I heard the Piper message was great. I’ll likely listen to it in the next couple days.

Comment by Lance

Lance, it really was. Lig Duncan said that Piper is like an F5 tornado in our hearts. I have to make sure I don’t quit thinking and praying about it.

Comment by cdbrauns

you went? i wish i’d known you were going! we had some 18 people car-pooling down from our church family, including the leadership team and their wives. you could’ve hitched a ride maybe! i hope you had a wonderful time!

Comment by joy mc.

Yes, I didn’t think about others from the area going.

It would have been good, because I got a speeding ticket on the way out of Louisville . . . and after C.J.’s challenge, I couldn’t complain. Plus, Mohler told us to be nice to people.

Comment by cdbrauns

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