A Brick in the Valley

Lots for Christian Parents to Consider Here
April 9, 2008, 10:06 am
Filed under: Parenting

Metropuritan Mark tells parents what they should fear.

It will be of interest to our church family to know that Mark is on staff with Cornerstone Church in Ames, the church where Jeff Dodge (who recently preached to the “Bricks”) serves.  Mark leads The Salt Company, one of the most exciting college ministries in the country. 

This post is a challenge to Christian parents.  Know going in- – he is forthright in his labels.  But, it’s what we as parents need to consider.  It’s not enough to raise moral children who follow the rules and don’t embarrass us.  Our prayer is for young people radically committed to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Read it here

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Very good article. I intend to go home this week and tell my children to not be buttheads. I have always enjoyed that word. Now it can be fashionable again.

Comment by Wyn

Thanks for the reference to this.

As I posted on that blog, I fear that my own kids have “passion lists” (my term) that do not include or lowly rank the glory of God in Jesus Christ.


Comment by Lance

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