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Spending As If There is No Tomorrow
March 19, 2008, 1:42 am
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As is so often the case, Cal Thomas speaks wisely (here) about the role of government, and the need to reduce spending.


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Not to defend the government, but Cal’s comment about the Pentagon wasting a million dollars transporting a couple of washers seems naive. The Pentagon doesn’t really spend the money on that (it’s not even possible), but they include those funny line items because they don’t want to disclose the secret projects which are actually receiving the money. I’m willing to give the Pentagon a pass in these cases.

Comment by mike

Mike, that makes sense.

Probably as much as anything, I am convicted about how much wasteful spending I have in my own life.

Comment by cdbrauns

I agree. I’d like to hear more comment from Christians about not just the wastefulness or foolishness of the debt which most Americans carry but also the sin of it. My Christian neighbor who spends more than he can afford is not just spending his retirement but also mine (my SS will probbly be reduced to provide for him). The indebted people who caused the Fed to lower interest rates hurt the responsible savers who can’t get a good return on a CD. The people who bought more house than they can afford will probably get some sort of bail out from the tax payers who prudently waited for house prices which are not allowed to fall. I think we should start saying that these selfish spenders are not loving their neighbors and so they are sinning. What would happen if people asked whether their purchases showed love to neighbor–not just what they buy but also how they buy them–in cash or in credit?

Comment by mike

Those are very good insights.

The consumerism of our culture is going to its logical conclusion everywhere, from the economy to the Church.

Comment by cdbrauns

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