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Surfing in Iowa
March 14, 2008, 8:37 pm
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It’s not easy to catch a wave in SE Iowa, but I gave it my best shot in the early 80’s. 

In a recent interview (that you can watch here), Tullian Tchividjian shared how he was kicked out of his home and lived in rebellion for 5 years.  Tullian’s goal during that period was to “catch a wave” for pleasure and excitment.  His attempts included surfing, literally, and a number of other “waves” that people try when looking for satisfaction away from Christ.

While my story is very different than Tullian’s, it is similar in one important respect.  Tullian says that he never doubted that Christianity was true.  But, he wanted to live life on his own terms.  He wanted an exciting life.

That was my deal too.  I never questioned that Christianity was right.  I always believed that Jesus is God, that the Bible is true.  But, I did question a lot if Christianity was best.  I wondered if it wasn’t a kind of inferior life.

The summary of my thinking would have been that ideally a person would live life on his or her own terms, and then be converted immediately before death. 

So, I did my own kind of surfing (figuratively).  My surfing wasn’t so spectacular as Tullian’s; there aren’t many big waves in Iowa.  But, I was trying to live on my own terms.  And, I found that to be a “wipeout”, without the drum solo.

And, in the end I realized that following Christ is not only right, it’s also best.  Or, as Piper would say, there is no tension between God’s glory and my joy.  God is most glorified in me when I am most satisfied in Him.

Following Christ is right and best.  Lose your life and you will find it.

Tullian’s blog is “On Earth as it is in Heaven.”


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