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Which Carson is Right?
March 12, 2008, 12:15 am
Filed under: Parenting

At one time or another, most Christian parents have to work through with their children whether or not it is okay to punch a physical antagonist.

In his recent book, Memoirs of an Ordinary Pastor, D.A. Carson contrasts his father’s approach to bullies with his mother’s:

 When we first arrived in Drummondville, Joyce was five years old.  She could speak no French, and one of the neighborhood boys, a year or two older, doubly provoked because she was a “damned Protestant” and because she couldn’t speak his language, resolved the issue by beating her up every time she went outside to play.  Dad solemnly insisted that she turn the other cheek.  Less convinced that this was the sort of situation Jesus had in mind, and with a surrer grasp of playground dynamics than Dad enjoyed, Mum quietly told her only daughter that should this happen again, she was to roll her hand into a fist and hit her tormentor once, as hard as she could, and then come in and tell Mum.  This she did.  The problem was instantly solved.  The two children learned to play together, and the boy grew up to be a star in the National Hockey League (pages 69-70).


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Well, whatever your parents did to you…you turned out semi-okay. Speaking of which…Happy Birthday. The next time you come to GL you have a place to stay in my new (and your old) basement.

God bless.

Comment by brianmcl

For what’s it’s worth, I’m clearly on “mum’s” side with this one! Any boy who beats up a girl deserves it right back!

Today’s your birthday? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! May the Lord bless you abundantly in this day…and in the days and years to come!

Two of my children have birthdays within the next week, as well as my only brother, his wife, and one of their children. I’m rather fond of births in March!

Comment by Patricia (Pollywog Creek)

You’re right; it is my birthday. But, how on earth did you know?

Comment by cdbrauns

Thanks for the birthday wishes. I appreciate it.

45 years I have now sojourned this earth; 5 years longer than Israel was in the wilderness.

Comment by cdbrauns

Wow, that video was totally taken out of context! (Driscoll was talking about Nehemiah beating up some people)

Comment by Joseph Li

Joseph, thanks for that comment. Thinking about the link more, I decided to delete that paragraph – – I originally linked to it with a smile, but the link could be taken in the wrong way and I don’t know all that’s behind whoever put it up.

Comment by cdbrauns

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