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One of the Best Stories of My Lifetime
March 12, 2008, 3:38 am
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The story of how God saved former Whitehouse insider, Chuck Colson, and has since used him to touch countless lives, is one of the best of my lifetime, of the last 45 years.  I’ve heard him share it many times, but I’ve yet to grow weary of it.

I remember where I was at when my family heard on the radio that President Nixon had resigned.  Even though I was quite young at the time, I closely followed the whole Watergate debacle.

Amid Viet Nam, Watergate, and all the rest, it would have been easy for my generation to be pretty cynical about everything.

Yet, God’s grace shows up in special ways in the midst of such darkness.

Maybe that’s part of the reason that I never grow tired of hearing Chuck Colson share his testimony.  It is simply one of the best stories of God’s grace at work during my lifetime – – I can think back to watching the Watergate hearings with my mom, on a black and white television, and where it might have been a bad memory, I can smile thinking of the redemptive grace of God at work in a Watergate Insider’s life.

Even though you may have heard Colson share his faith many times, you may still want to watch this interview of Chuck Colson, even if you only watch the first 15 seconds.

 HT: Tullian Tchividjian


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