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Why Internet Monk Does Not Read Our Blogs
March 10, 2008, 12:19 am
Filed under: Blogging, Recommended Links

 Internet Monk has put together a thorough explanation of why he doesn’t read some blogs.  

I’m linking to it for at least three reasons:

(1) I think he is pretty well on target.  Though I am guilty of perhaps a third of the list, I agree with what he doesn’t like.

(2) I want to flatter the Monk with this link.  I’m scared of him.  The guy is way too good at sarcasm.  Take, for instance, the ninth reason why he doesn’t read my blog:

9. You keep playing with your site and it’s annoying. The fonts/colors/template change. The sidebars grow like some kind of lab culture. You’ve added every tie-in, java box and whirling dervish you can find, and then you redo the template. Some ADD people like this. I don’t. Change your site occasionally, please. I’m fine with that, but take it easy. Anyone who spends too much time redesigning the sidebar needs to go home and hug their children.

And don’t get me started on people who are fascinated with stats, awards, links, meters and graphs. Go find an aluminum foil ball, put it on a string and bat it around.

Hence, my goal here is a shameless attempt at flattery.  Hopefully, when I have spoken of him in a positive way, he will feel guilty if ever tempted to skewer me.

 3.  I liked the part about people getting all excited about getting linked to Adrian’s blog.  And,  Adrian if you’re out there, the Monk truly deserves a link for this post.  You probably had no idea that there is a huge group of people who consider a Warnock link as a sign of arrival. 

Regarding people who get too excited about being linked to, the Monk wrote:

You believe the “Christian blogosphere” is being read by millions of non-Christians. You think your blog is like a church and you’re the pastor. You have delusions of celebrity because you once got linked by Adrian Warnock. You keep talking about wanting to “blog full time.”

Maybe the Monk should get a Warnie.


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