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Piper on the Prosperity Gospel
March 7, 2008, 9:45 pm
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John Piper lays it on the line about the prosperity Gospel.


HT: Sir Lance of the Scrawny Pulpit


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Having come out of a prosperity gospel church I greatly appreciate this video. I know how the pull of that kind of church brings you into them. It all sounds so good…you can have it all, you can live a “perfect” life, you don’t ever have to be ill, sad, poor etc. It becomes too much about how great YOU can be instead of how great GOD IS.

I know deeply the pain that a prosperity church causes in a believer’s life. You start to wonder if you are good enough because you don’t HAVE enough. It’s sad and I have a great heart for anyone caught in the lie of a “blab it and grab it” church.

Oh so much I could say…I will end it here though. I will just continue to pray that the lie will be exposed. Videos like this will help greatly.

Thank you for sharing this.

Comment by FieryByDesign

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