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Eugene Peterson on Story and Writing
March 5, 2008, 8:17 am
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(Let me start with an aside to a seminary professor who occasionally stops by.  Gunny, I don’t agree with everything Eugene Peterson says including the part about the first two years of seminary being spent on literature – -).

Having said that, pastors and writers would do well to brew a fresh pot of decaf, build a fire, and soak in this interview.  If you Tivo’ed American Idol and you’re thinking about watching it now, skip it and reflect on Eugene Peterson’s literary wisdom.

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Peterson’s an interesting guy. I LOATHE The Message, but LOVE his pastoral slooge and some of his other writings.

I also don’t drink the Kool-Aid, but have certainly found him to be more friend than foe where my edification is concerned.

Thanks for sharing and for the caveat.


Comment by gunny93

Great interview. I’m not sure I agree with the first two years on literature, however, I must admit that two of the most formative aspects for me in seminary were: 1) hermeneutics (which is basically what he says when he says to learn how to read) and 2) viewing the story of the Bible as creation-fall-redemption-consummation. Those things changed me forever and they are related to what Peterson says.

As for the Message…I love it. I read it before bed. Every other Bible version has become to much “study” for me…there are few Bible passages that “wow” me any more, but the Message brings back a wow factor. I don’t use it for sermon/lesson prep, but I love reading it just to learn the story of God.

Comment by Brian McLaughlin

I think Peterson does a good job helping pastors understand the wonder of pastoral work – – what he did so well in Under the Unpredictable Plant – – that we are called to local work, to exegete lives, to shepherd people and that this is all part of the metanarrative.

Comment by cdbrauns

I love any Peterson book on pastoring. Unpredictable Plant and Contemplative Pastor are some great refreshments.

I’ll have to partake of the interview later, when I have a cup ‘o joe.

Thanks for the rec.

Comment by Lance

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