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Crawford Loritts on Courage
February 7, 2008, 5:16 am
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In Northern Illinois, we got hammered with snow today.  Somewhere around a foot of the white stuff came down.

So, I’ve been hunkered down in my study at home – – I studied, prepared a sermon and listened to a sermon (while I dusted) by Crawford Loritts on pastoral courage.  Leaders need to listen to this one!


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That was some good stuff, wasn’t it brother?

That man is a stud and I could stand to listen to him every few months to jump start my lethargy.


Gunny, I would have loved to join you for that trip to White Castles. What a gift Desiring God Ministries gives by making this available on the web for guys like me who are not there in person.

I’ve listened to parts of what he said multiple times and taken notes. I just glanced at them again. Here are some of the sketchy notes I copied:

“Terribly concerned about the epidemic of weakness among men in our culture . . . not being a sawed off Caesar . . . dastardly tendency, where we don’t have the courage of our convictions. We’ve allowed our sociological constructs to dictate what leaders ought to be . . .we reflect culture . . .we are discouraged because we get sick and tired of prostituting ourselves at the shrine of acceptable behavior . . . . we’re afraid to lead, to make decisions, consensus has a stranglehold . . . we reduce our theology so that others will agree with us. . . I’m concerned about that . . . and frankly some of you are discouraged in your ministry . . . because you refuse to do what God has told you to do. . . . leadership is inherently lonely.”

Comment by cdbrauns

I’m starting a sermon series on Hebrews on Sunday, and Crawford has me ready to go.

Comment by cdbrauns

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