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Books on the Cross
February 1, 2008, 4:00 am
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C.J. Mahaney recommends books to read on the Cross.  One is not even out yet, so unless you are really in the loop and J.I. Packer and Mark Dever has asked you for an endorsement, then you haven’t read them all . . .


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I got a priceless recommendation that is easy to read (from Challies.com) called “The Cross He Bore,” by a man named Leahy. I think it’s at the Westminster Bookstore online for $4.

It’s short but quite deep. Takes you from Jesus’ arrest to the cross.

Has some interesting background info and leaves you in deep meditation as you finish each short chapter.

Would be a great rec. for God’s people during the Passion Week.

Would you, by any chance, be heading to Piper’s pastor conference next week?

Comment by Lance

No – – unfortunately, I am not. I was able to hear Mark Dever at Trinity th is week. . .

Are you going to the pastor’s conference?

I’m tentatively planning on Together for the Gospel.

Comment by cdbrauns

Lance, Thank you for the book recommendation. I have not read it.

Comment by cdbrauns

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