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Bye / Hi Painted Bunting
January 29, 2008, 7:59 pm
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I honestly didn’t know what a bunting was — I thought it was something to do with what the guy called his daughter before he went hunting in the nursery rhyme.  (Note that the nursery rhyme didn’t work out so well for the rabbit).

But, one of my wife, Jamie, and I’s favorite blogs, Pollywog Creek, has some pictures of a painted bunting – – so I now know what Painted Buntings are in general, and I have met one in particular, on the banks of Pollywog Creek.

These are beautiful pictures of a beautiful bird. . . Take a look and then meditate on Psalm 8 or Psalm 19:1-6. . . as “rulers over the works of God’s hands” (Psalm 8), we are called to enjoy His creation and delight in its beauty and diversity. 

BTW: If you live in the frozen north, as I do.  You may be a bit righteously (why it is righteous I don’t know but it sounds good) of the obviously beautiful weather in Florida.  Remind me in August when the weather is especially humid in Florida to post something about a nice day in the Upper Midwest.


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This little beauty of a bird is making it’s way around the internet! 🙂 A favorite blog of mine posted about seeing one at her house too. http://www.homeschoolblogger.com/Tiany/467964/

It really is a lovely bird. Thank you for sharing a glimpse of creation with us today. I do think we need more moments in our day to see HIS beauty.

In HIS Design,

Comment by FieryByDesign

M, thanks for the feedback. I agree that we need those glimpses of His beauty more – – and, we need to recognize his power – – I saw your pictures before and after the tornado. Wow.

Comment by cdbrauns

Chris, you are most kind. I’m still hoping for a clearer photo with better light and no shadows. Emily and I were very sick over the weekend and we had 1 year old Gavin with us all day yesterday. Today finally feels “normal”, and I hope to be able to enjoy our beautiful weather outside today.

Comment by Patricia (Pollywog Creek)

Yes the pictures of the tornado just floored me. I have been going to that orchard since I was 5 years old. So 29 years now. It is just such a part of our family traditions. I was just devastated for the Edwards/Hall families. I have been praying for them.

Thank you for visiting my blog!
In HIS Design,

Comment by FieryByDesign

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