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An Important Review from Tim Challies
January 15, 2008, 10:46 pm
Filed under: Forgiveness, Recommended Links

Tim Challies has reviewed the book, The Shack, by William P. Young.  This is an important review for several reasons.

  •  The Shack is very popular.  It came out in May and is already in its fourth printing.  If you have not heard about it, chances are someone will recommend it to you soon.
  • The Shack has received rave reviews including a glowing endorsement from Eugene Peterson.  Peterson apparently spoke of it in the same sentence as Piligrim’s Progress . . . Given that Pilgrim’s Progress is arguably the most influential book of its kind in history, that is high praise.
  • Practicing what he has written, Challies models discernment.  Challies reviews demonstrates how readers can wisely evaluate fiction.  Whether or not you agree with Challies conclusions, his approach to think critically (in the best sense of the word) is one to learn from.
  • Further, in the review, Tim interacts with several important subjects including forgiveness.  Of course, this is of interest to me given that my book, Unpacking Forgiveness, is scheduled with Crossway for publication in 2008.

If you are a reader, then I would strongly encourage you to subscribe (using a feed reader) to the feed for The Discerning Reader, and read this review in particular.


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Thanks for the recommendation. I was saddened to hear of Eugene Peterson’s endorsement. I think Peterson has some good things to say about pastoring in a couple of his books, esp. “The Contemplative Pastor.”

Too bad he likens The Shack to Pilgrim’s Progress. Ouch.

Comment by Lance

Yes. I really like some of Peterson’s writings as well. I think Under the Unpredictable Plant is a very insightful book.

Comment by cdbrauns

Thanks; what a well thought out review. You must have been giving him a standing ovation on the forgiveness part. His response was exactly yours, was it not? Very validating, and I think you should write an article (or at least a post) refuting therapeudic forgiveness in The Shack.

Comment by Shannon

Your review is interesting but, unfortunately, you claim a theological authority that should not be presumed. Your understanding that repentance must precede forgiveness is neither Biblical or orthodox, however it is, I suppose, very evangelical.

Comment by Joe

Joe, thanks for stopping by.

We agree that it is an evangelical understanding.

Comment by cdbrauns

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