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Why People Hate Ohio State
January 5, 2008, 3:02 am
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Pastor Brian McLaughlin outlines potential reasons for why people despise Ohio State in football. . . I did add some potential other reasons in the comment section.

I didn’t note there, but I am still bitter (in a Christian sort of way) that they beat Iowa when we were rated #1 when Hawkeye great Chuck Long was a senior.

But, I stress – – I am on the Buckeye sidelines for the National Championship.  I hope they demolish LSU.  Go Big 10.

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Especially after that disaster of a game Illinois tried to pretend they were playing.
Hopefully you were cheering for KU last night.

Comment by Wyn

I did undeed cheer for KU!!

Comment by cdbrauns

Chuck Long – Wheaton native – along with John Belushi. Also, the only person to play in five bowl games.

Comment by MTB

I have NEVER been a fan of OSU. I hope NOW the BCS will see to it that they do not invite OSU back tot he National Championship game. Hopefully OSU fans are embarassed. I guess they might be the the Buffalo Bills of college football.
Hope you guys are having fun in Florida.

Comment by Wyn

I don’t hate OSU, they just frustrate me. They find a way to weasel their way into the big game, then lay an egg (even against Miami, they could have lost).

But as an Oklahoma fan, who am I to talk? We’re now 2-4 in BCS bowls.

Comment by Lance

Appreciate Marc’s knowledge of Hawk football.

Fortunately, I didn’t watch too much of the game.

Vacation was great! I stayed away from my computer.

Comment by cdbrauns

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