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Read More Discerningly in ’08
December 11, 2007, 7:04 pm
Filed under: Recommended Links, Recommended Reading

Christians (especially those in leadership) should read discerningly.  But, what to read? 

 Here are three simple steps you can take to do a better job with reading. . .

1.  Use a feed reader. This link will help you understand RSS feeds.  If you are still running around checking out different blogs here and there, not using a feed reader – – then you should question your salvation.

Okay, it may be a bit over the top to say that you should question your salvation  . . . but, it is far better stewardship to use a feed reader. 

 2.  Once you set up a reader (it’s a piece of cake, honestly).  Then subscribe to The Discerning Reader.  Tim Challies (see also his blog) now owns the rights to the site, The Discerning Reader.

IThe Discerning Reader is a site that you should review on a weekly basis.  Tim keeps up with the new books that are coming out – – a remarkably wide range of books.  He (and others) review them on that site. 

For instance, this week, he reviews a couple of publications by Tullian Tchividjian (see also books that Tullian recommends!). 

 3.  Keep a wish list at Amazon.  This will allow you to prioritize which books to get and when to get them.

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