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Obama’s Kindergarten Skeletons
December 4, 2007, 2:53 pm
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Justin Taylor reflects on the Clinton Campaign unearthing an essay Barak Obama wrote when he was in kindergarten. 

Justin blogs:

I won’t comment on the utter silliness and immaturity of such a press release–but did anyone notice that Obama wrote an essay . . . in kindergarten! I don’t think I could even spell my own first name when I was in kindergarten. Count me impressed.

I’m with Justin.  I went to afternoon kindergarten in Keosauqua, IA.   I was more worried about whether or not I would be leader of the day or if there would be a lot of candy at Sheep Empire Day in Keosauqua (that was our big holiday).  I am very comfortable that no one will find an essay to use against me that I wrote when I was 5 years old.

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In kindergarten anything can be considered ‘an essay’, by doting parents or a loving teacher. I’m sure many, many children have had the fantasy to be president. Both Obama and Clinton are a scary proposition as far as I’m concerned. The point being….how far have they come since kindergarten? They seem to have grand ideas of an America swathed in socialism. Although the alternative isn’t all it should be either, it’s the hope of the nation. Where is Alan Keys in all of this mess?

Comment by Diane

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