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The Golden Compass
November 28, 2007, 3:13 pm
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Most of us have heard that the Golden Compass is an awful movie.  Pastor Tim Smith provides a helpful summary of why we should be concerned.


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It makes me sick to my stomach to even think about it. May God forgive them for they obviously know not what they are doing.
May we have a renewed urgency to pray for our nation, the media and the unsaved.

Comment by Julie

God Bless America
Lord God Almighty, Portion of Jacob, who can your power withstand?
You hold the fate of rulers and kings, fast in the palm of your hand.

Nations have come and nations have gone, but none that you do not allow.
Your purpose serving, each ruler on earth, one day before you will bow.

America, sweet land that I love, has richly been blessed by your hand.
Yet she has declined your word to obey. Dear Lord won’t you deal with this land?

My prayer for her, Dear Father above, is that you, your Spirit would send
Convicting each man of evil and sin, so that each knee before You would bend.

Father I know that your Spirit in me must by me be given free reign.
Father please honor my will to obey, and your blessings shower again.
June 26, 2003

 2003 By Clayton Frost

Comment by Clayton

Thanks Clayton. That is a sweet prayer.

Comment by cdbrauns

Another viewpoint from Paul Edwards:

Comment by jvan

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