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N.T. Wright’s “What St. Paul Really Said”
November 27, 2007, 8:16 pm
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While he waits to see if Ohio State can sneak in the back door to the National Championship, Brian McLaughlin spent his Thanksgiving holiday reading N.T. Wright.  His summary is very helpful.

 He plans to read Piper next.


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A very helpful summary, and one that will be beneficial for our upcoming meeting of the Lone Star Founders Fraternal where we discuss these issues.



my pastor read piper’s book this past sunday afternoon and [preached] a review of it to us sunday night:
*the morning service is up now, but not the evening service yet….

Comment by joy

Joy, Joy, Joy:

I am currently reading Piper. My favorite B.B. (B.B.=British Blogger) Adrian Warnock has a series of posts on Piper’s book.



Comment by cdbrauns

Go Sooners. Go Panthers. Go Bucks.

Comment by brianmcl

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