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Senator Grassley Initiates Investigation of Tele-evangelists
November 6, 2007, 8:58 pm
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 Ken Fields summarizes an initiative by Senator Grassley to investigate the finances of six prominent tele-evangelists including Joyce Meyer.

 See also a later post.


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It is unfortunate that people who call themselves “Christians” don’t do more investigating of these tele-evangelists. If they were examined in light of Scripture we probably would not have to worry about their finances.

Comment by Marc


I failed to point out that Senator Grassley is from the GSOI (Great State of Iowa).

Comment by cdbrauns

Mr Marc What about those of us who were say an exotic dancer and another one of us addicted to drugs for 25 years.. say we want to change our lives for the better so we start listening to people like Joyce Meyer and the like, and the church we walk into also supports these people. Then say a person claiming to be an Apotsle from God walks in and preaches the same message that you’ve heard on TV. Say you are barely making ends meet, just trying to start a business that you took over,and your trusted pastor and this apostle tell you to give give give, tithe off the top, plant seeds, THEN God will bless you, your business, your finances and give you the healing you need! Say it takes awhile before you figure out that its not happening.. say then thay you start to question things, then you are shunned and told you aren’t a godly person because how dare you question a pastor of 20 years, when you walk in as an ex dancer not to long ago.. Say by the time you figure it all out you’ve lost everything, including faith, trust, pretty much homeless, sick and still can’t seem to pick up the pieces of your finances or life!!! Who looks out for these t ype of people?????????? Who looks out for the already poor and yes gullable that don’t know the whole bible yet?? Some of us just wanted to do the right thing and got swept up in it, the lies, the cons, the scam then it was too late.. who helps us?

Comment by devastated

Devastated: I pray that the Lord will give you healing if the experience you describe is your own.

I don’t think Marc was taking aim at people in your situation so much as those who empower some to be in positions of Christian influence. . .

In answer to your question, I would say, Christ, his Word, and a good Christ-centered church will help you. If you take Christ’s yoke upon you and learn from him, over time you will unpack these burdens that weigh you down.

Comment by cdbrauns

of course its ours…
sorry if I misunderstood..
healing in many ways ya that would be wonderful… but so far no luck… course my husband doesn’t really even believe in God after the literal hell of a trip I took him on through the tele-evangelists, our old church and a few others. Don’t much trust them anymore. Many believe the same way,most are caught up in their own lives, with their own expenses. What we needed then and now is a financial miracle,now emotional healing, and my physical healing,not to mention anxiety attacks and depression. God doesn’t always do that as the false teachers make you believe.
I believe there is a verse that says something about feeding the hungry before preaching to them.. words mean nothing, without help. So far we got words… Yep we are scarred, angry, and hurt…. time heals tho right….. I’ve prayed not to be angry, I forgive constantly, and prayed things would get better, i’ve tried the yoke thing to to the best of my knowledge,but nothing changes, we are where we are. The old ways is almost all there is left to get out of this horrible mess & debt, unless something changes soon. But hey, maybe this too shall pass, right……. I say Amen to the Senators Investigation even if he doesn’t find anything on the tax end, at least these false doctrines, lies and the fraud they are committing will be exposed. I’m sure we are one of thousands of stories of lives that these people have ruined. I actually feel sorry for them and hope they repent. I’m probably the most wrong person to be commenting on this… sorry

Comment by devastated

No apology needed. And, I am very sorry for what you have been through. Sadly, you may not be that rare.

There is a verse in Prov 4 that says the way of the righteous is like the first gleam of dawn shining ever brighter till the full light of day. If you press foward, prayerfully, there will only be a speck of brightness – – but, it will eventually get brighter – – not through giving some financial gift, but through God’s gracious gift.

But, sometimes it feels like a long time in getting light. . .

Comment by cdbrauns

I know there are many… very sad indeed.. Thing is you go to another church and they shove tithes down your throat. Church to church, most have their hands out, especially when you come into money, tell you its what God wants, to help others, give, duty as a Christian. Common sense was our duty but it eluded us with lies, fraud, and a generous heart… When we needed it, no one was or is to be found. Prayer, I could say been there done that too, nothing yet. Honestly religion, no I’ll say it, the word christian leaves a bad taste….Of course its not all. So many use bible verses, words. Seeking God’s gracious gift is what started this mess.. ya think you find God and Christianity…..and instead ya get took. Yes I know He died for me, that should be enough, but when HE is used, and what you thought was Him winds you up in poverty, its pretty hard to move forward. This pastor is a well respected person in our little town. How were we supposed to know, we had no reason to doubt. Smooth-talker.. disgusting…
I’m probably going to be forced to go back to the old profession,that is the one thing I am able to do with what I have…. nothing is changing and we need to survive, our sub-standard living is getting old.

Anyway the subject tele-evangelists, the ones I listened to use a lot of scripture, its seems everyone interprets scripture so differently, and thats why there are so many religions. Who’s right? The church I went to completely promotes and believes same as many of these tele-evangelists. If other christians are giving to them in faith that they are spending the money on what they say they do, why would they question them? Someone finally started to see the extravagant lifestyles, and I believe it is causing Christians to actually start to examine scripture better.
feel free if you are able to delete my remarks

Comment by devastated

I stumbled across these, very refreshing to know there are others out there speaking up. Gives me a little more hope, and to see there are true Christians. I have a long road to recovery…..

Comment by devastated

I’m thankful you are encouraged!

Comment by cdbrauns

Thank you for all your prayers and encouragement. I’m starting to feel better. Its very nice to know there are people who know truth. I’ve been a mess, but its getting better.
God bless you

Comment by devastated

Thanks for your post. I would have responded sooner, but I have been “off-line.”

Healing is a process . . . little by little . . .

I am thankful you are feeling better.


Comment by cdbrauns

is suicide still forgiven……is there heaven after that…..

Comment by devastated

Hi Devastated! Thanks for stopping by again.

First, if a person believes in Jesus for salvation, then there is no sin that His blood is not sufficient to cover.

However, the question is this. If a person is truly a believer, then would he or she commit suicide?

I wouldn’t categorically say, “no.” If you lost a loved one in that way who professed to be a Christian, then I would prayerfully leave the matter in God’s hands.

But, let me come at this from another way. What if a person is contemplating suicide? To that person, I would say, there is no way that he or she should presume to be a Christian if they are willing to take their own life. No person could ever decide not to be – – and do so thinking that he or she would wake up in Heaven. . . .”To be or not to be, that is the question – – and conscience doth make cowards of us all.”

I pray this helps.

Comment by cdbrauns

every true christian knows where the real problem lies. so for all the non-christians,the real problem is the judicial system, and the wonderful goverment.and for the person that says you are not to tithe anymore, let me ask you this, everything cost money, to preach the gospel cost money t.v. time cost a small fortune.if the christians dont pay for the gospel being preached who will? the judicial system? the goverment? how about the drunks, or the drug pusher, or maybe the sex offenders oh i forgot i know who will pay for the gospel to be preached, the atheist.

Comment by janice seibert

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