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Spatial Disorientation
September 9, 2007, 8:53 pm
Filed under: Chris Brauns Radio Spots

All airplane pilots should learn about “spatial disorientation.”  Spatial disorientation is a condition in which a pilot’s perception of direction does not agree with reality.  Pilots experiencing spatial disorientation feel like down is up and up is down.  They can literally be flying upside down and not know it.

Spatial disorientation kills more pilots than any other cause.  The National Transportation Safety Board believes spatial disorientation is what killed John F. Kennedy Jr.

Spatial disorientation can happen to any pilot.  No amount of training or experience can necessarily prevent it.

But, don’t despair if you planning to fly.  Pilots who are instrument trained (like the one flying the commercial plane you will be on) learn to rely on their instruments even when it may feel like they are flying upside down.

Most of us will never experience spatial disorientation while flying a plane.  But, there is a kind of theological disorientation that is far more common.  Flying through the fog of life, listening to so many different opinions about complicated subjects, we can easily lose our way.

Theological disorientation can happen to anyone.  None of us are above getting dizzy when trying to make our way through the fog of life.  So, like pilots flying in the fog, we need to learn to rely on our instruments.  And, the instrument that we all need is God’s word.

Be sure and spend regular time in the Word of God.  And, don’t miss hearing your pastor open up and preach the Word of God.


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