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The Book of Judges
June 24, 2007, 8:17 pm
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The book of Judges teaches that when God’s people become like the world around them, the consequences are devastating.

Recently I had the opportunity to learn from Dr. Daniel Block from Wheaton College. Dr. Block is one of the foremost authorities on the book of Judges.

The book of Judges is about what happens to God’s people when rather than being distinct and holy, they become more like the secular culture. It is so relevant for today.

Judges traces a devastating downward spiral of God’s people distancing themselves from the Word. And, the more God’s people become like the world around them, the more tragic are the consequences.

Gideon made an idol and God’s people turned to idolatry.
Jephtah sacrificed his daughter.
Samson had his eyes poked out.

The book of Judges is a gift from God today to His people. It is our warning that if we forget that we are a people called to be holy because God is holy, then we will be sure to suffer as God’s people did during the awful days of the Judges. Choose to sin, choose to suffer.

Let me ask you. Where in your life can you make more of a stand for personal holiness? What are you watching or looking at that you need to flee? How can you be more holy today?

Remember what Paul said in Titus, Christ gave himself for us, to redeem us from all wickedness and to purify for himself a people that are his very own, eager to do what is good.


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But what does worldly look like? It seems to me that in fundamental circles, worldly takes on many different characteristics. Am I lacking in personal holiness if I wear slacks and a polo to church on Sunday morning? Am I worldly if I prefer to sing a song from Chris Tomlin than Fanny Crosby?

Comment by Wyn

Yes, that’s the question isn’t it? One road ditch is legalism. The other is license. We have to stay out of both of them.

Comment by cdbrauns

Way to be vague and avoid the questions. (I despise smileys, but without a note here one might miss the sarcasm).
But seriously, I would bet that most Christians would adhere to the idea of staying away from worldliness. What gets interesting is the practical outworkings of that belief. I would submit that a true understanding of worldliness, not outworkings or specifics, would be the appropriate place to start.

Comment by Wyn

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