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It is Not a Swear Word
May 5, 2007, 4:43 am
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Week of April 30, 2007

The biblical concept of submission is a beautiful one.  God works in and through submission and uses those over us to shelter us from some of the storms of life.

Non-Christians regularly throw around words that should not be part of a believer’s vocabulary.  No matter how flippantly people may say, “Oh my God,” Christians should never use our Creator’s name irreverently.

You already knew that.  What is interesting, is that there are words in the Christians vocabulary that society treats as swear words. 

One such word is “submit.” Depending on where you say the, “submit,” people may look at you like you just used profanity.  Say “submit” and the hair on the back of culture’s neck stands straight up.

Christians, on the other hand, should treasure the word “submit” and talk about it often.  Repeatedly, the Bible tells Christians to submit.  Wives should submit to their husbands.  Children should submit to their parents.  Employees should submit to those over them in the work place.  Citizens should submit to the government.  Church members should submit to their pastors and leaders.

The New Testament word for submission is the Greek word, “ὑποτάσσω / upotassō.”  It means “to voluntarily yield to in love.” 

We submit for our own benefit.  God tells children to submit to their parents that it may go well with them.  When we submit, when we place ourselves under the authority of another, we stand underneath a shelter that God Himself has built.

Of course, God did not intend for people to be abused.  That is not the point.  But, don’t let anyone tell you that submission is a naughty word.  It’s a beautiful word, commanded by Him for His glory and our joy.

I am Pastor Chris Brauns from the Red Brick Church in Stillman Valley.

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